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BC Allschwil-Syngenta 1 - Dudes Basketball Basel    73:54

Spielstatistik Matchblatt

17. Oktober 2013 (Juan Pablo) | 0 Kommentare

Chapter one of the new series of episodes the BC Allschwil Syngenta men's team is expecting to bring. Solid start, trying to deliver a message to the league, we are here to fight at the top of the league.

Kurzbericht im Allschwiler Wochenblatt

The team successfully started with confidence and remains focus during the full length of the game. Delivering a great first quarter with a score of 19:8. This early difference allowed the coach (Adrian Sotan that is recovering from an ankle injury) to keep the player rotation while still manage the pace of the game.

BC Allschwil-Syngenta had a tough game to start the season; Dudes Basketball was not only strong and big team, they had finished 2nd last year in the league. That reason had help Coach A, to put an aggressive team on the court to start the game, going strong from the beginning and looking for 2pt opportunities, rather than wild 3 pointers.

The locals delivered a solid performance on both sides of the court with strong defense and effective offence.

First half finished 41:25 for BC Allschwill Syngenta after another efficient offensive power that lead the team towards a promising second half.

The team knew that Dudes will not let the game go, so easy, they need to react and show their experience and energy. However BC Alschwill Syngenta's defense did not collapse. It was an even 3rd quarter (15:15) that position the 4th quarter with the locals 16pts in front in the marker 56:40 and 10 minutes to play.

Five minutes remaining for the end of the first game in Second League for BC Alschwill Syngenta, all the tension and nerves previous to the game were gone, now is all clearer. Our team is here to fight and had delivered a message to the rest of the league. A clear defeat to one of the great teams in the league, 19 point difference and a solid performance. Chapter one is gone, we are back.

Player of the game:
Dursum Besic: 20pts, 15 reb, 1bl, 1st

BC Allschwil-Syngenta 1 – Dudes Basketball Basel    73:54    (37:21)
17:6, 20:15, 16:5, 21:16

Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2013, 20:15 Uhr, Neu-Allschwil 2

Es spielten: Roman, Vanja (11), Hans, Dursum (20), Kris (8), player]Nescho[/player], Michel (2), Boban (4), JP, Bartek (12), Guillermo (16)
Trainer: Adrian

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