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BC Arlesheim 1 - BC Allschwil-Syngenta 1    50:45

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29. Oktober 2013 (Adrian) | 0 Kommentare

Yesterday we played a second game against the winners of the 2nd regional league in the 2012-2013 season. It was a low scoring affair, with both teams having a slow start of the game. The game went back and forth , with tie after the 1st quarter, one point lead for the home team after the second, and a two point lead for us after the third. Unfortunately, the fourth quarter was the one where we have lost our edge and in the end the game. A few observations from the sideline:

Kurzbericht im Allschwiler Wochenblatt


The man to man defense worked again well for the most part (low score is an indication of it).

Unfortunately, there were again a few missed assignments on the rebounding side, allowing them to get many second and third chances (they had a poor shooting night, but allowed them too many offensive rebounds).

We managed to stop most of their fast break attempts, with our smaller guys being very good at providing the defensive balance, despite the fact that they are a young team, playing on a full size court.

We didn’t have as many steals as last game, since we were not very aggressive on the guy with the ball, allowing them to move the ball around,


Good ball movement at times, creating many open shot opportunities, both mid to long range and under the basket.

We’ve again created the threat from the outside, with Bartek scoring 4 three pointers (40% accuracy which is where I would expect the three point range shooting accuracy to be), which created space inside for the big guys to play in the post.

Dursum, Kris and JP had again a combined 12 offensive rebounds, which allowed us to create additional shots opportunities.

However, the 2 point accuracy was only 35%; we’ve made on 12 shots from the two point range, with many missed shots from the paint. Unfortunately, in the end, this cost us the game.

Overall good effort, we’ve managed to keep the lead for most of the game, but lost it in the fourth quarter in the context of not ideal shooting from the 2 point range a few missed defensive assignments (boxing out).

Our two key players were Dursum (which again delivered a double –double, with 16 points and 13 rebounds) and Bartek (who scored 4 three pointers, ending the game with 12 points).

BC Arlesheim 1 - Allschwil-Syngenta 1    50:45    (25:24)
10:10, 15:14, 10:12, 15:9

Montag, 28. Oktober 2013, 20:15 Uhr, Hagenbuchen

Es spielten: Guillermo DNP, Bojan, Vanja (9), Hans, Dursum (16), Roman, Manuel (2), Nescho, Kris (4), Boban, JP (2), Bartek (12),
Trainer: Adrian

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